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What is the Bailey Bill? Columbia SC Tax Abatement

Increase cash flow. Sell flips at a premium. Lock in todays tax value for the next 20 years. Is all of this possible? YES! If you are planning on investing in one of Columbia SC's Famously HOT Historic Neighborhoods, then YES, it could be possible.

Noah Harris sits down with City of Columbia Preservation Planner, Rachel Walling, to discuss the Bailey Bill. If you are investing in Columbia, SC then understanding how to leverage the Bailey Bill could be a game changer!

If you are using the BRRR method for buy and hold properties; it might be a good idea to learn about the Bailey Bill. Learn what the Bailey Bill is and how a property can become eligible.

2:00 Historic districts - Shoutout to the WarHog? War Mouth! Dooh!

2:37 Bailey Bill

2:47 Preservation Planner Rachel Walling

3:10 What is the Bailey Bill and how does it help investors?

4:47 20 Year Tax Abatement?!?!

5:00 Transferable!

5:45 Not retroactive

6:15 15 Historic district and 1,000 parcels!

6:45 BRRR Paradise

7:20 Need to know definitions

8:55 Commercial Buildings

10:47 Eligible Expenses

12:45 What's Not Eligible

13:40 The combination effect

14:15 The opportunity

17:00 Driving for $ or Driving for Tax Abatements?

18:15 Rachels Info

19:15 Love what you do!

19:30 REUP Meetup April 7th 6-8 pm


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