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COLA REI - EPISODE 9: Teaching Kids About Money with J.P. Servideo

What if our kids and grandkids discovered at an early age how to buy assets and not liabilities? Noah Harris sits down with Youth Money Coach J.P. Servideo to discuss how parents can create great money habits with their kids. Servideo is Co-Author of the best selling book "The High Schoolers Guide to Money". He's traveled all over the world teaching the next generation things that most adults go a lifetime without learning. He also gives some great resources. Timestamps and links below:

1:38​ What does Legacy Mean to you?

4:00​ Meet Youth Money Coach JP Servideo

6:46​ What age should we start talking to our kids about money?

9:00​ Start creating Money Habits! Loved this idea!

12:42​ Dennis the Menace had an investor mindset!

15:24​ Where to start with my teenager

21:00​ "I don't care what you do. Just make sure you know the difference"

27:00​ Mistakes a parent can make

33:00​ Coaching and 3rd Party teachers

40:49​ JP Teaching in Jamaica and Africa

45:00​ Never underestimate the value of helping someone

46:00​ Get ahold of JP @JPServideo

47:00​ Great tip for building kids credit 52:46 BONUS J.P.'s Dance Moves

Contact J.P. To Speak or Coach

Social Media @JPServideo

Link to Secured Credit Card for Kids

The High Schoolers Guide to Money Book

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