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COLA REI - Episode 7: Undefeated with SC Mortgage Champ Money Mandie


This week Noah Harris sits down with Mandie Anderson. Mandie has coined the nickname "Money Mandie" for her expertise in the mortgage industry. Mandie shares her inspiring story and shows that with the right mindset, anything is possible.

1:30 Who's Money Mandie?

2:15 2021 Q1 Recap

3:25 Fill Your Cup! Great advice !

5:00 Mandie's Story - Inner Desire To Learn and Love for People 9:00 How she got to SC and why she never left

10:00 Undefeated Boxing Career

12:20 Miss Demeanor

12:45 The importance of having a coach

13:40 The circle of life (and coaching)

14:50 CDLP Designation. What that is and how Mandie helps people. She's the only one in Columbia who has it. Great investor referral opportunity.

18:50 Learn, network and grow, so that you can add value to your clients.

21:30 Mandie will be at the REUP April 7th 6-8pm

22:00 Benefits of networking with Mandie for real estate investors and agents

24:00 How to connect with Mandie

25:00 THAT's Money Mandie

*** 25:50: Bonus Footage: Go Eagles?



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