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COLA REI - Episode 10: Leveraging Real Estate to Pursue Your Passion Ft. Jawny Badluck

Meet the man behind the Music. Noah Harris sit's down with Artist, Jawny Badluck, to discuss how he leverages real estate to pursue his love for music.

2:30​ Music Jawny listens to before meeting with sellers

3:42​ Leveraging real estate to pursue his passion

5:27​ Advice for new investors

6:30​ Power of credit

8:15​ Current Projects. Get well XXL

10:00​ Riding the wave and when to cash in

11:00​ RE vs Music Industry

14:30​ Breaking down some of Jawny's Songs

19:30​ Connect with Jawny

*BONUS FOOTAGE* Follow Jawny Badluck Intagram @jawnybadluck YouTube

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