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Christy Duckett-Harris


Christy Duckett-Harris is one of the nations top real estate investing coaches.  She's heavily sought after for her knowledge in passive income and fix and flip properties.  

Christy holds a Psychology degree from Radford University.  Her love for helping people is what drew her to real estate.  

Christy's ideal day in Columbia: A morning run in Saluda Shoals Park and cooling off with a day on Lake Murray.

To learn more about Christy visit

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Noah Harris


Noah Harris and his wife Christy currently reside in Columbia, SC.  Noah is full time real estate investor.  He has spoken all over the United States on the topic of real estate investing. 


Noah Studied Finance and Real Estate at the University of Central Florida.  For the past 15 years he has worked with some of the brightest real estate minds in the Country.  Noah is the Founder of  THE REUP REAL ESTATE EVENT. 

Noah's ideal day in Columbia:  Starting the day with a Loveland Coffee and hitting Soda City Market for good food and people watching. 


Direct Home Buyers

Revive Homes LLC

Revive Homes is a small family owned business that buys and sells houses in Columbia, South Carolina. We have over a decade of experience in helping home owners get rid of unwanted property. We believe in not just revitalizing houses but also neighborhoods, communities, and people.  Real Estate is a people business and that's why we always put people first and profit second. 

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