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COLA REI - Episode 5: Conscious Communication with Communications Expert Jamie Miller

Everything in life is a negotiation. Are you outcome driven with your words? Agents, investors, and people alike are always selling something. In this episode we sit down the Communications Coach Jamie Miller. Hear from the King of Hearts how he always pulls the King of Diamonds! There's some real GEMS in this interview. You're going to love it!

3:00​ Anyone can do it

5:15​ What is Conscious Communication

5:53​ Worst questions to ask people

6:30​ Practice on your kids!

8:15​ Magic words we want to hear from sellers and clients

9:00​ Three steps ahead

11:15​ How to handle the objection "I THINK MY HOUS IS WORTH ..."

14:40​ Purposeful questions for real estate agents

16:30​ Question - Should we send video or call first?

18:07​ The Secret Sauce - get rid of these 3 words

20:45​ Build Credibility as a Rookie

24:00​ Use similar words - People buy from people like them

24:50​ Has society lost the skill or is it fear based?

26:00​ Some things Remain the same

27:15​ Building Rapport with Zoom calls

29:45​ Powerful Question to ask

33:00​ Jamie impacted Noah's life

34:45​ I'm not crying are you crying?

36:00​ Super cool way to enter Clients into your phone

38:00​ Learn from people who do what they say

39:00​ Put this # in your phone

39:05​. Most powerful word you can use in any sale!

40:18​ OVERTIME - THE CARD TRICK WORKED! (Careful Explicit Language)

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