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COLA REIA - EPISODE 6: Celebrating Women's Day with Rockstar Investor - JOANNA ANDERSON

Yesterday was International Women's Day. We can't think of anyone better to share their real estate journey than JoAnna Anderson. . . JoAnna is such a great example of a leader, coach, mentor, and friend. JoAnna is a goal setting champion. We talk everything from her humble beginnings, 10x'ing her income, and how to not only set but crush your goals. . She's a world class real estate investor and coach. She's in here! Like, comment, share, or ask a question to JoAnna Anderson below! . 1:50​ A day in the life 3:49​ Creating good habits (great example!) 4:30​ Women make great real estate investors 7:45​ Going through Divorce and starting her business over (New and Better) 10:45​ JoAnna's humble beginnings 12:15​ Hope JoAnna's sister isn't listening 13:45​ Pet...Rat?!? 17:00​ Diamond in the rough? 19:50​ Seller finance deals and helping people 23:30​ Allow yourself to dream 24:00​ We talk goal setting and 10X'ing income 28:30​ JoAnna is coming to COLA this summer to attend REUP 30:00​ JoAnna shares her battle with Cancer. Cancer doesn't have a chance. 33:30​ Extra Footage: Christy Duckett-Harris Sighting

JoAnna Anderson helps people establish and hit their goals. If you want to experience a breakthrough check out her goal setting course...



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