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COLA REI - Episode 4: Building Investor and Agent Relationships

Are you a Real Estate Agent or Investor looking to grow your business? What should real estate investors be looking for in a real estate agent? How can a real estate agent earn the business of a seasoned real estate investor (regardless of experience level)?

Noah Harris sits down with Lesley Lindley to answer those questions and more! Here how she got the nickname "Secret Agent LL7"! Learn how Lesley Lindley operates for her investor clients. In this COLA REIA - FAMOUSLY HOT spotlight, we sit down with real estate agent Lesley Lindley of the Durant Team here in Columbia, SC. Most home buyers purchase one house every 7 years. An investors goal might be to purchase 7+ houses every 1 year. Listen to how she gained our business. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

:03 - Intro to Secret Agent LL7

8:30 - B and E with Dad

10:30 - Top 5 Things Lesley Does for her Investor Clients

11:30 - #1 Ask for the Business

11:45 - Investors: How to hit your weekly offer goal

13:15 - Just Do it! Stepping out of your comfort zone

15:00 - #2 See to Understand 16:40 - "Put me on the Thread!" (You will want to be on the thread)

17:30 - #3 Not afraid to make offers! What Lesley says to other agents.

20:00 - #4 Follow Up. Fortune in the Follow up

21:20 - Avoid one of Noah's biggest mistakes

21:40 - #5 Preview properties


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